Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A post a day ! lets see if i can get a month ! #1

26th may 2015  ....

What a day !!  first i was happy but then for some bizarre reason i felt low and fed up, we planned on going out but a friend we would have met wasn't in so we stayed in.

all day i was grumpy and upset ! at one point i was sat thinking does my husband actually love me or is he here just because there's nowhere else to go.

everytime i get in one of these moods i think of harming myself but i just look at the kids and remember how heartbroken they will be.

it sucks feeling like this it comes from nowhere can't help it why does it happen ?
why can't i just speak to the hubby ! every time i want to i get all upset and can't speak and i think he will tell me to stop being a idiot  i probably am but i cant help it !

on a happier note my charlie bear has learnt to wave !!! <3 how cute !

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