Saturday, 17 January 2015

Dearest Diary

This week has been a low week .... not only have i been really low someone i care alot about told me they have depression (i always knew they had just chose to block it out)  and they thought about killing them self  its really upset me because  that person is a close person  and my life wouldnt be the same without them !
We went to visit a dear friend margaret whos 78 year old  she still bounces about like a teen the docs have told her to slow down  because of her heart  but she dont listen she is such a lovly person, you wouldnt think she was 78 lol  !  she lives in skegness with her husband colin we always go for a stroll and a spot of dinner its the one place we feel at ease  and dont come away stressed !

 also this week i visited my father !  now my second born jessica was always frightend of them and others as a baby until the age of 3 i have no idea why or what for  they dont hurt them.
now my littlest one is scared of them  screamed the place down, had to walk out of the room to calm her down she even screamed at my sister. it was horrible i felt so guilty ! if i lived near i would see them all the time she may not be the same ! i really dont know what to do , i think its just the atmosphere  its loud there and quiet at our home  just cant pin point it

Heres a picture of my second born and her grandad a few year back :) x

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Proud Mum!!!

This week im a very proud mum !!  My 10 year old Chloe-Marie wrote a 100 peice story and it is going to be published ! the books costing £18 though :/  but i shall be buying !! it will be published in march

This girl has come so far in the last year   she used to be so far behined due to having alot of ear problems  most of which needed hospital treatment ......  but touch wood the last few year she hasnt had a problem ! and has attended school all the time and caught up alot !  she will be going to a normal high school next year not a  special needs school as thought a few year back !

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My children

I have 7 children
david who is 22 he has his own little girl
Joshua 21 he has a son
Aaron 19 who lives at home and dont intend leaving anytime soon  much to my annoyance lol
michael 18 we like to think hes inocent but a nosey through his facebook has you thinking other wise
chloe-marie 10 growing up :(
Jessica 4 monster lol
and my latest addition bubba lemon 6 month old charlie

I want to have lots of babies but ghe hubbys not convinced lol

here is my kids david , joshua , aaron , michael, jessica and chloe all in that order :)
and charlie my bubba lemon ! 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hi ...

Hi im Sharna,
               A few of my mummy friends have a blog and they said its really helped them with there depression ect so i thought i would jump on the bandwagon as they say,
Im 27 years old i live in grimsby Uk, i have 4 stepsons and 3 little girls. i love with my dearest hubby shane.
im not a very big speaker and not the best at writing as you will probably figure out but hey its my blog so il do what i like !
i have always had depression for as long as i can remember but only got help when my second born was born  as it got really bad.
i have a few days recently where i have a wobble  and my friends sugested i write it all down  on blog to help a little.

Here i am with a dear facebook Friend i have met a few times, i met jhar on Emmas diary page on facebook while we was pregnant with our 4 year olds who was born 5 weeks apart ! met a few facebook friends through that page !
we got pregnant at the same time with our latest aswell !  our bubbas are 5 days apart !
im the one with the baby covering her face with a pink dress :)