Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dear Diary day #2

27th may 2015

after laying in bed for what seemed hours last night i finally went to sleep ! the things going around in my head it just wasn't good for anyone !

Got up in the same mood i sat in the bathroom for 20 minutes just for peice ! to get myself together, i decided i was going to get myself out of the house ! i am forever sat in there watching the 4 walls, so i took jessica and charlie to time 4 play not far away.
                                                         Charlie wasnt impressed !

                                                             always have nachos there !!

It must have helped because i came back feeling loads better even if the nagging feeling of what if the hubby dont love me and hes just here for the sake of the kids !

he didn't get back until about 8 so by then i had managed to shake the feelings off, he came back along with his friend so couldnt really talk and when we get to bed we couldn't talk either !  If that wasnt proof enough of he still wants me i don't know what is lol !

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