Saturday, 30 May 2015

Dear Diary post #4

29th may 2015

all week the hubby has been busy, and was due to pick the eldest girl up from visiting family so i thought about it and thought il go on the train. i said to him il go on the train saves you going later, no problem he said get your self off ... i sat and thought about it for a while as the youngest has a cold and it was raining. i came to the conclusion i would go thinking about the poor hubby and how tired he would be n all that !

Got back to a pissed off hubby saying i was gagging to get off this morning i couldnt just wait ! :o ermm hellooooo you agreed ! so he went on his usual bitching mode ... cleaning !  now im not the cleanest but im not dirty either just dont go looking under the cushions on the sofa ! lol he had a major bitch about that so i spent most of the night ignoring his arse !

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