Monday, 16 March 2015

Mothers Day !

                                                                  Mothers dayyy !!! 
Just another over done day !!  same with everything else !
Mothers day used to intail a bunch of flowers and maybe a card for mum maybe even a meal out.  but ohhh no not these days  mothers expect far far too much !  oh look i got a pandora bracelet oh look i got this this this this and that ! people showing off is all that is lol !

For my mothers day i got a bunch of flowers and 2 handmade cards !  My 10 year old made that card all by her self and the flowers one is what my 4 year old made at school !

Was sorting the tea out ect and my son Aaron came in with another bunch for me ! a bunch of roses !

Me and aaron have a love hate relationship we usually dont get on much and argue over anything  quiet childish really lol

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