Monday, 9 February 2015

The highs ! Plus a mini low !

all haters leave now :) lol 

The last 2 week i have left my kids alone at home while iv been haveing a blast at the local casino !  everyday we have won money so how can we stop going ? lol  
ok so before you all call the bad mummy brigade my oldest kids 19 and 18 have been keeping an eye on the younger ones, im being a responsable mum there ! putting my kids off having kids for a while lol ! the younger kids all sleep all night and im not gone for long. i make sure i tuck them in before i go and take a phone just incase ! 


Its a small casino ! Not as glitz and glam as the tv makes out !

Mini low !  my dearest last born has devoloped a fear of the  dog !  i have no idea why hes not hurt her he walked in and she screamed ..... and does everytime she looks at him :/ 

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